Zones of comfort

Man oh we’re gonna go way back to where I left off last the beginning of September.

We spent Aussie Father’s Day/ my host mum Janette’s birthday up in Yanchep National Park, a beautiful area about an hour north from Perth. We had lunch on the Barbie (they got me special veggie nice!),

Tim and I dipped our toes in the frigid Indian Ocean for the first time,

and finally got to enjoy our first Kangaroo spotting!

I began picking up my teaching responsibilities at school as well, and even taught the lessons all day for a couple days while the teacher was away, which was an exciting milestone for me at that point.

This was around the time when I began to both grow more comfortable in my Australian routine, and also less comfortable in my teaching experience. I have not had much experience teaching students with milder disabilities since that isn’t technically what I’m studying..but I know that there is a good chance I’ll have some students with higher abilities in the future, so it’s really good for me to deal with things like defiant behavior, ‘wagging’ or skipping class, and complaints about lessons.

I also actually have had to re-educate myself on a lot of the topics I am teaching.. how does wind power work again?? I was a little bit down on myself for awhile feeling like I’m not showing everyone my full potential as a teacher, but thankfully have a lot of supports to keep me in check and say, hey this is hard- you’re doing well! So thanks for that, guys!!

Really what I’m trying to say is… I knew this whole experience was all about stepping outside of my comfort zone and growing, but I expected in more in the whole being on the other side of the world aspect rather than in my teaching practice. Although I had those two a bit flip-flopped, I’m so grateful that I’ve had these obstacles and am becoming a more well-rounded and adaptable teacher because of it. Also, I have had a lot of awesome moments and super fun lessons with my students and they continue to surprise me and make me laugh all the time! Whether it’s asking me if Pop-tarts are my favorite American candy, or showing me how they dance ‘Gangnam style’, I can’t get through a day without a laugh, and for that..I am blessed.


“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”  Oscar Wilde

How have you stepped outside of your comfort zone lately?

Up next…our trip to Margaret River!!


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