about me!


Welcome to Sare berry..a blog about my life as a college student studying special education, traveling the world, creating and eating delicious, (usually) healthy foods, and just living and loving!

I’m currently an Ohio college student with a passion for teaching students with disabilities, traveling and exploring, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and hopefully inspiring others along the way in my day to day life!

I love spending time outside (especially if it’s warm..I’m a freeze baby!), doing service, visiting local restaurants and farmers markets, reading, spending time with the fam and friends, pilates and zumba, and cooking.

I am blessed to have been granted the opportunities to do quite a bit of traveling in the coming months and have decided I want to chronicle those adventures to share with you, so I hope you enjoy. I will be heading to Alaska, Michigan, and finally to Perth, Australia from July through November!! I could not have made these travel plans possible without the help of so many incredible people, and am so grateful for the advice, support, guidance, and excitement I have been met with by them all.

I hope you enjoy my blog and keep coming back to read my ramblings as I make my way halfway around the globe..




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