Family Fun

Hi again!

Last weekend I got to spend time with my family who were in town visiting from all over the place.

On Friday my Dad came home from a last minute business trip that ended up lasting almost four weeks-we missed him! Mo and I headed up to Players, the restaurant he used to work for, and caught up with some old co-workers and ate some delicious food. Our girl Hattie hooked us up with an original creation, the ‘Hattie’s Helluva’ salad which was seriously awesome.  I wish I could tell you what was on it, but I’m not used to this whole blogging thing yet, and failed to take any pictures time! We also split the salmon entree which was perfect since neither of us were too hungry, and it was delicious as everything there always is!  We ended up just heading back to my house to hang with my parents and my best friend Katie on the porch to enjoy the beautiful weather and a few drinks.


Saturday was my cousin Krista’s high school grad party which turned out to be a beautiful day to just hang out, catch up with the fam and of course eat lots of good food. She is headed to Cornell in the fall, so exciting! I also got to meet the newest member of our family, my cousin’s baby Liam, for the first time and they came in from Wisconsin! We also had family in from Georgia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania joining our Ohio gang.


Sunday we headed to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Pittsburgh for a wedding shower for my other cousin Amber and her fiancée Ryan, who also live in Wisconsin. If you can’t already tell I have a pretty large family..all 5 of my Dad’s siblings were there which was great since it doesn’t get to happen often enough. We hit some storms on the way on, but Mother Nature played nice and gave us some time in the sun, which was obviously spent in the pool and grilling out.


We headed inside to watch Amber and Ryan open up their presents and take the obligatory family pics. We were seriously lacking in the male cousin constituent, but hey out 9 of 16 isn’t too bad!


The grandkids and our grandparents

My Aunt Sue worked hard all day baking and decorating this beautiful (um, and seriously delicious) cake!

ImageIt was a white cake with a layer of lemon curd in the middle and frosted with a light whipped frosting. I’m not a big cake gal, but guys…she did good here. She also said it was pretty low calorie too, which was great considering I was stuffed from dinner already… and had a slice of key lime pie and a mound of berries (obviously) on my plate as well. Although I really don’t eat dairy, sometimes I make exceptions. Like when there are delicious homemade desserts with lemon and berry flavors. The stomachache was totally worth it this time.

I think that’s enough for one update..stay tuned for part two! I’m heading off on my big adventure #1 of the summer…my cruise to Alaska!!


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